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United States

Off-Campus study in the United States generally entails taking an academic leave of absence from Bates and studying elsewhere as a visiting student. The procedures for taking a leave and transferring credit are described in the Catalog. Darren Gallant and Jennifer Hyde can also describe leave procedures. In addition, Bates is affiliated with several other institutions. These exchanges and programs are listed below. On academic leave of absence (LOA) programs, Bates financial aid is not provided and, in some cases, courses need to be individually approved for transfer credit. The "number of participants" entry  is per semester. Numbers often fluctuate from semester to semester, and we provide them to give a general sense of program size. Approval of participation, including completion of the Bates registration form, is required to receive credit for study on any of these programs or universities. Please see Darren Gallant or Jennifer Hyde, in Roger Williams Hall, for further information and discussion.