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London: University College London

Great Britain
Dorm w/ local students
Semester or Year

Excellent location, highly ranked, urban campus; art history, economics, politics. Minimum 3.3 gpa; 3.5 for History, Politics, English, Psych. Only one course in Management program allowed; Mathematics courses not available for Fall. Expensive for the Sciences, Psychology, Art History. Admissions often a drawn out process. Volunteer opportunities. Expensive city. Total enrollment: 26,600; number of Americans: 500.
Search the Course Catalog. Course selection: Semester--4 courses; Year-8 courses; at least half course load above the first year level. Level 1 = Bates 100 level; Levels 2,3 = Bates 200 level and above. There are some restrictions on course selection.
Given the complicated nature of UCL we highly encourage students to apply to UCL through IFSA. In this situation, financial aid will help address the cost of the additional cost of applying through IFSA. IFSA offers additional support, advising, a housing guarantee, and prompt information. These items are not a guarantee of a direct enrollment at UCL.

Special Opportunities:

Art History: Broad Art History curriculum

Pre-Medical Studies: Focus on international health issues; courses with British pre-med students at International Health and Medical Education Centre


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