Irina Mashinski


Ana Merino

Irina Mashinski (Mashinskaia, Mashinskaya) is a bilingual poet and translator, the author of seven books of poetry and a book of translations. Her poetry has been translated into Serbian, Italian, English, Spanish, and French and is regularly featured in most of the leading literary periodicals and anthologies in Russia and abroad. Her most recent Russian books of poems, Volk (Wolf, Selected Poems) and Raznochinets and Other Poems came out in 2009 in Moscow and New York respectively. She graduated from  Lomonosov Moscow University where she studied Physical Geography and Paleoclimatology,  and holds an MFA in Poetry and Poetics from New England College. In the US, she has taught Mathematics, Science, Meteorology, Russian History, and The History of European Culture in high schools, colleges, and universities of New York and New Jersey.  Irina Mashinski is the winner of several literary awards, including the First prizes at the   Russian America  (2001),  Maximilian Voloshin (2003), and other poetry contests.  She is the co-founder and co-editor (with Oleg Woolf) of the Cardinal Points literary journal published in the US in English and Russian and  serves on the editorial board for the NYC based translation project “Ars-Interpres.”