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Chaesong Kim '18 and Keila Ching '18 at Trinity LaMaMA

Off-Campus study in the United States generally entails taking an academic leave of absence from Bates and studying elsewhere as a visiting student. The procedures for taking a leave and transferring credit are described in the Catalog. Mr. Das can also describe leave procedures. In addition, Bates is affiliated with several other institutions. These exchanges and programs are listed below. Study abroad in Canada is possible at McGill University in Montreal and at the University of British Columbia in Vamcouver. The University of Toronto no longer accepts visiting students. Each program page is linked to its sponsor's web site where more detailed information is available and to student evaluations. To access these evaluations you must log in (lower right corner) with your Bates username and password.  The "number of participants" entry is per semester. Numbers often fluctuate from semester to semester, and we provide them to give a general sense of program size.