Bates College Off-Campus Study Potential Programs 2015-2016

 The pages below provide information on over 200 opportunities for study abroad.  These opportunities are organized and can be searched by geographic region, country and special academic interest. Each program page is linked to its sponsor's web site where more detailed information is available and to student evaluations (2007 and later). To access these evaluations you must log in (lower right corner) with your Bates user name and password. Student evaluations prior to 2007 and program brochures are available in the Off-Campus Study Library in Roger Williams Hall. All the information is, of course, subject to change. These pages are intended exclusively for use by the students, faculty, and staff of Bates College.

Students should supplement this information with discussions with Mr. Das or Dean Sawyer and with their faculty advisor.  In addition, they may contact the juniors and seniors on campus with recent evaluations.

Background information, including safety and health information, is available on the Pre-Departure Planning web pages. The U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs web site provides the latest "Consular Information Sheets," "Travel Advisories," and "Travel Warnings." The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a similarly informative site for health and immunization issues.

Bates Fall Semester Abroad Program

The Bates FSA provides an excellent opportunity to develop a foreign language skill and to study abroad with Bates faculty. Participants get to know the faculty and to study a theme with them that can carry through to a major. Intensive language instruction is a large part of the program. However, since there are no prerequisites, one can initiate the study of a language, renew a high school language, or study a language at a more advanced level. The FSA is unique in that all classes, including first-years and sophomores, are welcome to participate. The faculty directors conduct information sessions during the year.

Fall 2014 Vienna, Austria  Led by Professors Decker (German) and Asgeirsdottir (Politics), this FSA Program will offer students the opportunity to study intensively German language, a course in Austrian culture and history and a course in the politics of the  European Union taught in English by the Bates faculty members. Excursions throughout Austria and to Greece are an integral part of the program. Comprises a General Education Concentration.