2010 Self-Study

Preparation for the Fall 2010 Accreditation

Colleges and universities periodically engage in a process of self-study and external review in order to renew their accreditation status. Bates’ accrediting body is the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and this year we are preparing for our next regular accreditation review.

The process involves conducting a self study this year, in preparation for a site visit by a NEASC team in the fall of 2010. In the self-study report, NEASC asks us to describe what Bates does, appraise how well we articulate and accomplish our goals, and make projections about the future directions and needs of the College.

Matt Côté (Chemistry and Dean of the Faculty’s Office) and
Emily Kane (Sociology), Co-chairs of the Bates College Accreditation Self Study Committee



Entire Self Study (190pp. document)
Institutional Overview
Introduction to Self-Study
Standard 1: Mission and Purposes
Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation
Standard 3: Organization and Governance
Standard 4: The Academic Program
Standard 5: Faculty
Standard 6: Students
Standard 7: Library and Other Information Resources
Standard 8: Physical and Technological Resources
Standard 9: Financial Resources
Standard 10: Public Disclosure
Standard 11: Integrity
Appendices A-D



Visiting Team Report
NEASC Action - Continuing Accreditation